It's Time For Donald Trump To Go Big Game Hunting

I sincerely hope that Trump goes for bigger game than minor league bureaucrats. The real problems lie in vast bureaucracies like the Departments of Education, Energy, EPA, HHS, etc and if he really wants to go for a big tusker, abolish the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals!

He can't fire the judges, but he can abolish the court and that would send the message to the other courts that the gig was up on judges legislating from the bench. 

Appoint a conservative supreme to take Scalia's place and wait for RBG to kick off so he can do it again and we'll be starting to reclaim American ideas, ideas that were set forth in the Constitution, that is.

IF Trump will take General Patton's admonition to his army and attempt to; "go through Washington politicians like crap through a goose" then perhaps he'll have the same success saving America as Patton had in winning WWII.

In truth, Trump's job is formidable and unless he makes every a dedicated effort to inform the American people exactly what his plan is, he has no chance for success.

For too long, Americans have failed to follow Plato's advice to: either be involved in politics or be ruled by evil men.

The evil men now ruling will not go quietly into the night.
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