It's Time For All Moderates To Get Off The Fence

Today it came out on the news that more emails are showing the cover up over Clinton's email server coming from the White House. I don't care if you are Republican or Democrat -- the issue here is all about honesty, integrity and EQUAL JUSTICE for ALL.

Why should Hillary be allowed to walk away from putting the WHOLE country's and EVERYBODY'S security at risk? IF Hillary should win the White House it will only prove that the American PEOPLE have thrown out the rule of law for mob rule. Politicians getting away with ANYTHING and the people being prosecuted and persecuted will be the precedent.

Minorities are backing her because they think they will get more equal justice under her reign. Don't they know they will get LESS from a woman who cares NOTHING about what the law says.

- She does what she wants and the rest of the country be damned. You are NOTHING to her except a vote now. You will be treated like NOTHING IF she is elected.

- She wants to increase potential terrorists to this country by over 500%. HOW is that going to make America safer for Americans?

- She wants to increase the inheritance tax to 65% so that everything you worked for to leave your children will be stolen from them.

- She wants to increase income taxes across the board so that it puts more businesses out of business and more people into poverty.

The ONLY people it will benefit are people who don't pay taxes and are already in poverty -- dependent on the government and our taxes to survive.

What will happen when there are more people in poverty than people that can help? That's the way this country is headed now no matter what the government and the far left are trying to tell you.

Do people really want to vote for less for themselves and more for the government? That is what we will get with Hillary.

If your only reason for voting for Hillary is because you are a Democrat or don't like Donald Trump than do the country a favor and don't vote at all.

Personally, I believe that voting for LESS government control, LESS taxes and LESS government rules and regulations will do wonders for the country to have a REAL recovery. That's what I'm voting for by voting for Trump.

I just hope he doesn't turn out to be all fake promises like Obama has been and Hillary will be.

Voting for Trump is like a vote for yourself to have the chance to survive and do better without government interference and that's what I want for the country, and for all of us, because I believe Americans will do better IF the government would stop blocking us from trying to do our best.
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