It's The Economy Stupid

I spend hours and hours researching each candidate and try my best to make the best decision I can. This election has been the hardest ever to do that, due to such biased media.

I know people have different reasons for their choice in who to vote for and my stance is: take care of the US.

We are $20 TRILLION in debt.

The risk of terrorism plus the high cost of taking in refugees must be considered by the US. It's not called islamophobia as Hillary would have you believe, it's called common sense. "Paying $582 million a year to resettle refugees is an unavoidable upfront cost if the United States wants to keep accepting refugees." Washington Post 11/15.

The 5 richest Muslim countries won't even take in refugees because of their risk to terrorism. Lebanon and Sweden have stopped accepting refugees and reports indicate Germany will be next.

As of 10-14 figures, we spent $66 billion per year for maintenance and upgrade to our roadways and yet our roadways and infrastructures are deplorable.

The Highway Trust Fund has run dry at least three times in the last 4 years.

Food stamp usage is up 42%.

The U.S. has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000. Average pay was $20.17, with great benefits.

The jobs former manufacturing workers have moved into -- health care, construction and retail -- also vary greatly in pay, benefits and quality.

Our inner cities are a wreck. Crime skyrocketing in cities like Chicago. A third of last year’s 10.8% murder increase in the US, the biggest single-year leap in decades, was driven by rising violence in just 10 cities, according to FBI data released this week. 9/30/16 figures.

I heard Cher's speech to a group of Millennial's the other day and she kept saying: "If you're concerned about gay rights and abortion rights, you must vote for Hillary." My response to that is; as you can see from the above figures, we have a whole lot more to be concerned about in this election.

My first choice was not Trump and I knew NEVER HILLARY, so I researched Johnson and Stein and neither of them could handle the economy issues... So Trump it is for me.

Is he brash? Yes. But I believe he can do a better job with our economy and foreign relations.
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