It's Not Racism It's Statistics

I say it is a narrative and you say it is not. Let's look at each other's evidence and see which one of us makes the better case. I'm going to provide a link to a NY Times study that asserts that when it comes to police shootings, there is zero racial bias.

This study was done by an highly respected African American Harvard Professor of Economics.Not only is this Professor a master of statistical analysis, he's admittedly bias towards the BLM narrative that Cops are shooting more African Americans because of racism. In fact, he did the study to prove that BLM was right.

Only, when he was done, he admitted that his study suggests BLM is wrong. 

After looking at years of data in 15 different cities, though he found police were more likely to get physical with African Americans during an encounter, when it came to actual shootings, he found ZERO bias. In fact, he found that Whites were more likely to be shot during a police encounter than blacks.

Here's the link to the study:

Now mind you, I know that no statistical analysis is perfect, but this study is highly significant. The Professor who did it is an expert with such statistics, he got his raw data from the FBI, and he is admittedly bias towards the BLM narrative. He found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings.

So I say that police are NOT shooting African Americans because of racism. I say that it is a false narrative. I say the existing data doesn't support the narrative at all.

Now you show me what evidence you have to support it. And please, don't give me anecdotal evidence about what you see or hear on the news. Show me a statistical analysis that utilizes FBI data to support the position that police are shooting African Americans because of racism.

Do that, and I'll be on your side. I despise racism. I'm Jewish and I'm sympathetic to issues involving discrimination. I don't deny that African Americans have unique racial challenges in this country.

But from what I can see, the narrative that cops are shooting African Americans because of racial bias simply isn't true. I don't believe it and I've yet to see solid data to support it. In fact, I've only seen data that discredits it.
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