Interest Rate Changes Are Now Political

Of course its about politics, it's self evident. Even Yellen admitted the Fed does not want to rock the boat before the election.

Once the election is over, America will be faced with that come to Jesus moment where we need to admit we are flat out broke.

Suppressing interest rates has helped some middle class people by lowering their interest payments but on the other end of the spectrum, many seniors have lost out and corporate America has cashed in big time.

The old rob Peter to pay Paul situation. For all the under 50 crowd, all I can say is good luck with paying back 20 trillion in debt.

I sure hope you have a college degree in one of the top paying STEM careers. Otherwise, you're on the verge of being an indentured servant of the state (if you're not already there). Keep this in mind.

When any politician stumps for a "living wage", they've already admitted there is no hope!
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