Even Immigrants Are Tired Of US Immigration Chaos

1). I am a naturalized American citizen of Asian decent and hate the illegal immigration that goes unchecked by the government. My family and I went through the legal ways to eventually gain citizenship. The xenophobic comment is ridiculous when they are trying to apply it to me.

2). I have became a conservative ever since I received my 1st paycheck and seeing that a large percentage of it was being taken away by government in the form of taxes. 

I have voted republican ever since 1996. After seeing so many failure candidates pushed by the establishment and seeing how pathetic the republican leadership in both the House and Senate are, I am looking for someone that isn't the standard establishment type candidate. If this means I don't vote Republican, so be it.

There is no difference at this point between an establishment candidate and a Democrat. I will also be discussing this with my brother and parents so they too know that just voting for establishment Republicans is a waste of their vote.

If this results in the democrats winning, at least I and my family will have attempted to vote someone we felt would have led the country in the direction away from the slow demise of United States.

I like Trump. I also like Carson, Cruz, and Rubio.



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