Illegal Alien Criminals Cost America Bigly


Illegal-alien-criminals cost America billions of dollars every single year. Why have our 'leaders' accepted this expense? 

And after serving their prison sentences, instead of being deported, many illegal-alien-felons are being dumped back onto our streets.

Why in the world aren't illegal-alien-felons being deported when their prison sentences are up? 

Blogger CitizenObservers at Daily Caller commented on the true financial burden illegal-alien-criminals put on America. But these numbers only include the costs of incarcerating criminals on the federal level. Holding them at the state and local level costs billions more. 

CitizenObservers commented: 
There seems to be a lot of mis-information about the real cost of illegal aliens -- so, let's start with some simple numbers:

- 21% (44.1K) of the Federal Prison population (210K total) are illegal aliens.

- Illegal alien federal prison inmates cost $ 31K per Inmate, per year ($ 1.3B total).

- Detention and removal budget is $3.3 B per year.

- Detention and removal discretionary budget is $ 561 M per year.

- Immigrant Detention Center beds total 31K, at a cost of $ 431 M per year ($ 14K per bed).

- 4.5 million illegal aliens drive unlicensed and uninsured each year.

- In 2014, 900K illegal aliens were arrested for criminal offenses.

- In 2014, 316K criminal illegal aliens were deported; 85% had prior criminal convictions

- 1.2 M illegal alien criminal offenders are at large.

So, if you think illegal aliens are not a problem -- you simply do not know the facts.
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