If You Have To...Please Vote For The OTHER Communist Chick

Ever notice how these e-mails never have how they can strategize to make American's lives better? It's always ways to be deceptive and pit one group against each other.

When your first instinct is to lie (Benghazi, Bimbo eruptions, my walking pneumonia that's been there since September last year, and she's still coughing, travel gate, vast right wing conspiracy, geez... these are right off the top of my head on this lot), the truth takes a while to get out.

Expect a big one later today or tomorrow, and the odds are it's true.

For those still supporting her, think of her best and worst character traits, and then ask yourself: Would I hire someone like this to do something in my house, my office, or for the company? You don't have to vote for the other guy, but Jill Stein is still available.

She has that Communist Chick thing going for her too, and as a bonus, she hasn't been objectively proven, by her own words that she's a liar.
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