If You Don't Pay - You Don't Care

If you don't pay taxes, you don't care if she'll raise them.

If you do not want to work, you don't care if illegal aliens are taking jobs, that companies aren't hiring, or that bad trade deals will make it worse.

If charitable taxpayers pay for your rent, grocery bills, phone bill, and healthcare premiums, you don't care if their prices keep going up.

If you do not have to save to send your kids to college, you don't care that it is getting unaffordable for working people.

If the government is paying all of your living expenses, you don't care from who, or at what percentage they are taking the money, nor if some of it is skimmed by corrupt career politicians.

If no one in your family has ever nor will ever serve in the military, you don't care if her "extremely reckless" handling of classified information cost some people their lives.
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