If Putin Liked Trump He Would Have Helped Him At The UN

For months the US media has been telling us Vladimir Putin has been trying to help Donald Trump, implying there's an unholy alliance between the two men.

Well if Putin really did want to influence Trump, vetoing the UN resolution denouncing Israel would have helped, Bigly.

Trump thought he had successfully deflected the UN vote, with Egypt's assistance. But other nations -- reportedly at our State Department's request -- demanded a vote. It seems Obama was determined to stab Bibi Netanyahu in the back...one last time.

The UN veto was a perfect opportunity for Russia to aide Trump with something he doesn't have the power to do, just yet. If Russia had vetoed the resolution, they undoubtedly would have benefitted.

The fact Putin didn't jump at the chance to help Trump -- while simultaneously back-handing Obama at the UN in the waning hours of his presidency -- is telling.

If Putin did have a special relationship with Trump, as the media has repeatedly implied, Russia would have vetoed the UN resolution.

I haven't heard anyone in the Main-Scheme-Media mention this obvious contradiction yet. I won't hold my breath.  
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