I Voted Democrat For 50 Years But The Clintons' Corruption Made Me Switch To The GOP

HRC says “The founders knew they didn't want one person, one man, to have all the power like a king." So does that apply to her and Obama also? Probably not….I will never ever vote for this liar………..And I was a Democrat for 50+ years….WAS!

Any Sane person who looks at the WikiLeak emails, the issue of her private server, the Clinton Foundation, the income from outside nations for various speaking engagements, the Clinton College scam…need I go on …has to have their head in the sand….to vote for her. And I voted for Mr. Clinton 2 times, and NO More, never another Clinton.

You can try your best to deny the claims about the Clintons, but really, would all of the things that have happened to the Clintons happen to you or I? No, never and my guess is that there are no coincidences in the majority of these concerns.

Look at the FBI director who gave us the all knowing knowledge about those Emails, look at his background, where and who he worked for in the last 25 years? Does that tell you anything about his decision? If not I can’t help you.

Research people, research not just on one candidate but all of them, follow the money, follow those who donate to candidates, follow those who want special treatments or have gotten special treatments don’t just take it for granted that your candidate is trustworthy, loyal and HONEST.

If you think the RNC or the Russians are actually behind the hack on those emails and voice mails we have seen you are probably wrong, the latest thing was that the DNC has determined that the “Metadata” showed they come from Russia!

Problem is there is no Metadata attached to those emails as shown on Wikileaks and unless someone has a copy of the Original emails there is no way to find out who sent them except going thru the management at Wikileaks.

Ok, Rant over……sorry for the long one, just frustrating to see folks who want to make a change for the better and just go along with the crowd because of a political leaning right or left.

-- One Old Vet
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