I No Longer Trust The Media's Fake News

I no longer trust the news. Any of it. If they hype the Russia hacking the election story, that is a fake news site.

If they run stories about white supremacists, nazis, the KKK or any other hype designed to rile people up, divide and conquer and portray America as Germany or the South in the 1930s, that is a fake news site.

If they host reporters from “The Atlantic”, “Mother Jones”, “Salon”, “Huffington Post” or any other fake liberal, fake left leaning site, that is a fake news site.

If they spread hate, that is a fake news site.

If they sell war, that is a fake news site.

If they told you Obama’s BC was legit and left out the fact that the green security pattern printed on the paper to prevent forgery does not curl where the text and lines allegedly printed DO curl, that is a fake news site. ( he was born in the USA, they just had to lie about certain things.)

If they told you Dan Rather was wrong about Bush’s National Guard records after they fired him, they are a fake news site. (IBM Selectric II with interchangeable font balls and kerning – took me ten minutes to find that out on the internet, something no one in the MSM could manage to do.)

If they ban people for exposing their scam but keep posters who post hate speech, racist speech and spew, that is a fake news site. (“Salon”, “Mother Jones”, “The Atlantic” for example)

If it’s on TV, it’s a fake news site. 

Crypto Nazis – smart enough to pretend to be the opposite of what they actually are in order to spread disinfo, lies and hate. The Fourth Reich – the state of the union. Time to put the fourth reich in with the third one. 

This comment was left by Rupert Chappelle at The Intercept - No commenter link available. 
Read the article https://theintercept.com/2017/01/04/washpost-is-richly-rewarded-for-false-news-about-russia-threat-while-public-is-deceived

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