I'm Tired Of Winning Already

THAT'S IT! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE! I'm officially sick of winning all the time and he's been in office less than a week! At first it was great, but now it's just monotonous! Just incessant winning, winning, winning, day after day after day!

Corporations are bringing back jobs to America! The Dow is through the roof! Home values are skyrocketing! The Dems are demoralized, reduced to shrieking incoherent delusional rants and petty internal squabbling!

Dem senators (at least the 25, 25! who are at risk in 2018) are (quite uncharacteristically) hanging their heads, keeping their mouths shut and speaking only when spoken to!

Brexit queen Theresa May is reaching out to him, signaling the start of another Reagan/Thatcher-esque partnership (probably with Netanyahu joining in as a bonus)! Dozens of executive orders obliterating Obama's oppressive burdens on the country!

The Churchill bust is back in its place and Netanyahu is no longer relegated to the servants' entrance! And now, he's going around the Kangaroo Media and ripping the fraudulent mask of "compassion" off the slimy faces of these corrupt city demeaurocrats so the American people know the truth about criminal illegal aliens? It's too much! I can't take it!

He said we'd get sick of it but I thought he was just hyperbolizing. He wasn't! I'm just not used to all this winning! I'm getting to where I feel sorry for those poor defeated deranged leftist no-souls! Maybe Trump could lose one or two small token battles just to break the monotony?

I don't know, maybe take a dive on a minor Circuit Court appointee or something, anything to toss the left a bare bone or two?
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