I Don't Trust The US Government Anymore

Funny how this is timed with the American election and the end of Obama's reign and beginning of his legacy.

I'm sure its a complete coincidence. These people wouldn't use and dispose of people's lives just for politics and power would they?

None of this ever had to happen. We had Iraq under control. This was caused by Obama and Clinton.

Some will say it was Bush's fault originally...because they believe Iraqis were better off under an evil torturing, raping dictator that should have been allowed to fire anti aircraft missiles at Coalition Aircraft defending the no-fly zone that was part of the first Iraq war's cease fire agreement to protect Iraqi citizens in the north and south form their own dictator.

Yep, according to these people we should have left well enough alone and let the people suffer. And now I agree with them. America cant be trusted because in 4 to 12 years the American people, with their complete lack of consistency will elect a completely different president who will undo what the last president did.

I don't trust my government and I am an American Patriot...I would suggest no one else trust my government either.

In similar words to Michelle Obama, reversed: For the first time in my adult life, I am NOT proud of my country"
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