I Didn't Choose To Be Mexican

I am an American that did not choose to live in Mexico, but de-facto, my government through lack of enforcing existing immigration laws due to pressure from ethno-special interest and corporate lobbyists has made that so.

The courts, roadways, hospitals, schools, are clogged with Mexicans for which I pay for with my tax dollars.

Their economic burden falls upon the average taxpayer funded state. Next downturn, California will not pull out of it. The proverbial S_IT will hit the fan.

Round them up and deport, just like President Eisenhower did in the '50's. Yes, it can, has, and must be done.



This comment was left by David Moore at the Washington Post. No Commenter link was available for David Moore.  


Read the article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/with-trumps-rise-hard-line-immigration-ideas-take-hold-in-gop/2015/08/17/85dbbf3e-4506-11e5-846d-02792f854297_story.html 

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