I Can't Defend Hillary Clinton Anymore Donald Trump Is Our Only Choice

Look, people are afraid of Trump. They're afraid of what might happen if he loses his cool with a foreign power, or if he'll be tempted to use nuclear warfare (which he hasn't shied away from) [example: The "why do we make them" comment.]

But my point with Hillary Clinton is simply that you don't have to support Trump to acknowledge the fact that she's the worst candidate to ever run for President.

The DNC screwed up royally, and she's so fixated on the fact that it's "her time" that she'll never step down and admit that a candidate for President that is under multiple federal criminal investigations, makes our country look like a corrupt, dishonest, sham of a government.

I voted twice for Obama, and I've lost all respect for him. You cannot defend this woman, you cannot make claims about her integrity, you cannot place blame on the FBI for "breaking protocol" when Clinton and her team have been breaking all kinds of government protocol for the last 8+ years.

It's sad and pathetic what the entire democratic party is trying to do, it's sad and pathetic that the DOJ is directly involved with enabling a federal criminal, and trying to stonewall any attempt of uncovering the dirty truth.

I am not a Trump supporter, but I would rather see him get his chance than for the entire country to grant a pass to the Clinton's, and allow them to take their corruption and dirty politics to the White House. What does that say about our nation? People are acting like electing Trump would speak worse for our population, and that's just insanity.

The web of lies is so vast, the corruption and criminal activity goes further than any of us can even fathom, and instead of owning up to it, and "facing the music" (Like our entire government believes Julian Assange should do) all they do is deflect, blame other people, and try to argue that the American people shouldn't be granted the very least, which is knowing the truth.

It's terrible man, but it looks like Trump will win this election, so hopefully Clinton can only dodge her legal troubles until January 2017.
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