Hungary Set To Defy EU On Immigration Quotas

The EU wants millions of 3rd world migrants they don't care where they come from. The goal is to destroy the indigenous Europeans (this includes America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) to make way for an eventual New World Order. One government, one religion and one race.

You only need to look at a few of the EU's policies and programs like the Kalergi plan, human rights, open's very anti-european. Europeans must now pay for their own demise. They have imported war.

The immigrants are tools to bring about major change that won't be for the common good I am afraid. You are seeing the destruction of the West (the old) to bring about the new New World Order that Bush, Blair, Brown and other famous politicians talk about it in many of there speeches.

These politicians give us clues all the time about their intentions. But this is not always put in the MSM and therefore given an opportunity for debate (which in turn would disrupt there plans for sure).

For instance; Sarkozy said back in 2008 that the goal for the 21st century is to get europeans to breed outside their race and if this does not happen we will be a nut shell. This speech is well worth listening to. By the way, was this speech ever discussed on MSM? NO of course not, because there are many violations of our human rights within that speech.

You can see people are confused about what's going on, particularly mass immigration which is totally destructive to the host nation.

Anyone who thinks that governments did not think or are just stupid is a fool. These people have access to sociology experts they know what they are doing.

It's very sad to think these individual countries will lose their culture and people in just a couple of generations.

We have been lied to and brainwashed for years through controlled media and corrupt governments. There are too many useful idiots willing to carry out these destructive policies on behalf of these elites.

Money really is the root of all evil. Will the European people fight back and save their countries from total destruction? Looks like Hungry is.
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