How Can We Defeat Such Widespread Corruption?

Everyone likes to talk about all this corruption, wring their hands, get PO'd, write about it in comments sections, but no one ever does anything.

You say we'll beat them at the ballot box with Trump, while I hope that's true, at the same time you're seeing all the corruption I'm seeing with Wikileaks and the corrupt bought and paid for press, so what makes you or I think this election will be fair, not rigged, any election for that matter?

If they, the powers that be, rig the election for the ones they want, and throw a bone here or there for ones they don't care about, then everyone stays complicit because while the corrupt continue to stay in power, we have the house and senate, and we've seen how well that's worked, right, so that will give us all enough of a bone to not get too upset.

But the first time a million plus patriots march on one of the cities where the fraud took place, they'll crap their pants. Then and only then will they know we're serious, until then, we're just people online getting worked up and PO'd over it.
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