Hillary's Truth Deficit

Libs hail her as Erudite - it took Ms Erudite three tries to pass one of the easiest bars in the country.

Libs hail her as Pro Womans' Rights - She takes multi-million dollar donations from countries that rape and kill women, subject them to torture and false imprisonment. She grilled a 12 year old rape victim to get her rapist/client exonerated, then was caught laughing about how she did it. 

Libs hail her as being wise on Foreign Policy - the world has never been more dangerous than after she left the State Department. 

Libs hail her honesty - She has lied about Benghazi and after three years has yet to provide over 30,000 emails. She's been caught in lie after lie about her server (now destroyed). 

She lied about being shot at by a sniper as she sprinted off a tarmac.

She lied about Whitewater - papers destroyed.

She lied about the State Dept - server destroyed.

She lied about her PDA's - got caught on videotape.

She lied about Blumenthal.

She lied about to whom she sent emails and when.

When 4 Americans were murdered she said, "At this point, what difference does it make!?". The difference is they're dead and she still hasn't turned over all her emails.

She lied when she said she turned over all her emails.

She lied about the videotape being the problem for the attack.

She put the video producer in jail - the publicity has made him a target for death by radical Muslims.

Too much more to write..... the sad thing is, lemmings like Glenn will vote for her even if she's caught killing babies with her bare hands on video.



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