Hillary's Crimes Won't Fit Under The Rug Anymore

Doug Schoen is one of the most honest Democrats I know, and he has been completely loyal and supportive of Crooked Hillary for years, and all of this year, predicting she would win just last week.

So if he has now withdrawn support from her, and is "assessing" it means he is hearing from his sources that the information that will be coming from this renewed investigation, and/or elsewhere will be devastating to her.

And even if she were still to win election with little time for people to realize she's a criminal, she will become a President with a devastating Criminal investigation underway.

We already have enough evidence to know she's guilty despite the corrupt political attempts to stop a prosecution. With more on top of that the end will be certain, and resignation or impeachment.

Mr Schoen clearly understands that and is putting the country first, and he wouldn't do that if he didn't have highly placed sources telling him that Crooked Hillary's crimes can no longer be swept under the rug.
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Read the Real Clear Politics article at http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/10/30/democrat_doug_schoen_is_reconsidering_his_support_for_hillary_clinton_because_of_fbi.html

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