Hillary Clinton Was A Proud Communist

I lived four houses down from the Rodham’s in Park Ridge Ill., Hillary went to Maine South and I went to Maine East High School. I will tell you right now that the Rodham siblings, Hillary and her mother and father were despised and ostracized in the community.

Her mother and father were actually kicked out of the local church. Her siblings were just short of full time criminals and Hillary? Hillary was a whiney, shrill little girl who never had any friends. In high school she was known a habitual liar. 

She used to walk around with a neck chain medallion that read, “Proud member of the communist party”.

And to that fact nothing has changed except now when she lies people have died. She has but one note, one act, one trick. She is a legal automaton. A disemboweled scandal-disposal robot. She is Franken-Secretary, the unkillable Political Zombie!

America, are you ready for maybe 4 — FOUR! — more years of political Hurt Locker?

Because that is exactly what we will get. Four more YEARS of deafening shock, trauma, stifled talk-show screams, political slow motion, scandal, faraway voices, incomprehensible movements.

Then we emerge as if surfacing from underwater and there she is. Crystal clear. Smiling. Standing in the bowels of the United Nations, the very cradle of unelected, unaccountable political autocrats with Orwellian explanations for the bizarre fiats issued from committees and subcommittees with Orwellian names.
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