Hillary Clinton's Progressive Train Wreck

Hilliary, if she were to become president, will be looked upon as a weak person by our adversaries......because she IS weak....a Train Wreck of a human being.

Our adversaries would test her, and test her, and test her, again and again.....It would be a nightmare...as she is simply not up to the job on so many levels.

Not physically, not mentally, not ethically.

She is a mind hopelessly adrift in inane Leftist ideology. And, the only thing she has proven adept at is selling government favors for big bucks into her money laundering scheme, known as the Clinton Family Foundation, or for big bucks speaking engagements around the world.

And THAT is why she set up her private email accounts she used as secretary of state.....to hide her dealings selling out the American People's interests to all comers, for pennies on the dollar. That is why she took the obvious risk of using a private email so ridiculously reckless to conduct the affairs of the United States.

Hilliary has already PROVEN that she is an incompetent leader when she oversaw the destruction of Libya, beginning with her being responsible for, (and then bragging and laughing about), the overthrow and the killing of Omar Qaddafi, leaving Libya in chaos. Qadaffi had warned her that Libya would implode into chaos if she had him deposed….and our intervention in Iraq had demonstrated what happens when you dethrone a Middle Eastern dictator. But, she did it anyway.

See Hilliary (brag?...joke?) about the death of Qadaffi in this 12 second clip…

Is this the manner which the American Secretary of State should be speaking? Does this sound like a leader of sober demeanor?

Then, after she precipitated the collapse of Libya into chaos, she failed to evacuate our embassy and consulate there, when every other country had evacuated theirs.

Next, she ignored scores of requests to increase security for our consulate in Libya, where we farmed out the guard detail to local Libyans, who ran at the first sign of trouble. Ordinarily, it is standard to have Marines guarding our embassies and consulates.

Finally, when our consulate was attacked, she dithered for hours over sending readily available American military forces to help to our people trapped and under terrorist attack throughout the night. She was worried 'how it would look' to send Americans in uniform into Libya. She dithered and had our military change uniforms four times.

She never was able to make the critical decision to send American forces to the aid of our 30 people under attack…. She violated the sacrosanct American military credo of never leaving our people behind. She let them await their fate with NO help from American forces….while she went to bed.

And, by the way, where was Obama during these thirteen hours of attacks on over 30 of our American personnel in Libya. We know that the White House, including Hilliary, had live feed video surveillance of the attacks on our consulate as they were happening.

The next day, Hilliary made up a bunch of lies (of course) about what had happened at our consulate, and stuck to those lies for weeks, and continued the fantasy that a video was responsible for a random group of Libyans spontaneously attacking our consulate. She had the videographer sent to jail.

When Hilliary ran against Obama in 2008, she made a commercial showing a red phone ringing, with the sound bite, 'Who do you want to be answering the phone at 3:00 A.M.?’

Obviously, not Hilliary.
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