Hillary Clinton's Photographic Memory-Loss

Hillary Clinton just had another seizure, it resulted in a severe case of Convenient-Photographic-Memory-Loss. She gets them all the time now.

In her written answers to a Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit, Hillary claimed to not remember at least 20 times. There were only 24 questions.

Now under normal circumstances, if I knew someone who had blood clots on their brain, like Hillary, I'd cut them some slack if they couldn't remember stuff. But when I watch Hillary debate or give a speech, she never seems to forget things. It's curious.

Hillary's good. She's a slick-talking spin-master. But if Hillary's got such severe memory-issues, how can she have all those talking points memorized? How can she remember EVERYTHING Donald Trump has ever said -- but can't remember what SHE said herself?

I've also noticed that Hillary's most severe bouts of memory-loss seem to occur when she's under oath. The closer the situation brings her to legal jeopardy, the worse her Convenient Photographic-Memory-Loss gets.

Who else gets away with this crap?

Remember, the Judicial Watch lawsuit is only happening because Hillary Clinton hid email about the deaths in Benghazi on her 'private' server. When emails about Benghazi were requested via FOIA, the State Department said no email about Benghazi existed.

That lie led the judge to dismiss the original lawsuit.

When it was revealed that Hillary DID have email about Benghazi -- on her 'private' server, Judicial Watch reminded the judge that he was told there WERE NO EMAIL. Even though he was lied to previously, the judge STILL allowed Hillary to answer Judicial Watch's interrogatories in writing. Wasn't that nice of him?

Who else gets this kind of kid-glove treatment after lying to a judge? Who else can lie like this, under oath, with impunity? Who else can destroy evidence after receiving a Congressional Subpoena? Who else can get away with mis-handling Top-Secret documents? Who else?

Not you!
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