Hillary Clinton Earns Her New Title - Granny No Truth

Clinton, during her time as Secretary, caused the unnecessary death of our people because her strategy was flawed by trying to lie about the incident in Benghazi.

Now more lies are exposed about negotiations and the full agreement with Iran. Each day, more and more lies are exposed as well as lying under oath and criminal destruction of evidence after a court order to preserve her emails and other correspondence.

Clinton never accepts full responsibility for her position; she has nothing but alibis and excuses: she was not informed; her staff made the decision; she was unaware; it was a long time ago; Powell told me, my lawyer deleted it, only smoke, no fire.

Clinton observes no boundary between illegal, crooked, or corrupt versus legal, legitimate, or honest; her only boundary is: Can she do it and not get caught, or can she do it and get away with it by destroying the evidence of misdeed.

Furthermore, Clinton is not a free agent looking out for US interest as so many companies, institutions, unions, foreign governments, foreign companies, local and foreign Billionaires have contributed about a Billion dollars to her campaign, she would be conflicted by the push-and-pull of these contributors.

How can you trust a person to be Commander-in-Chief if one is a habitual and compulsive liar? Clinton never developed the cognition to distinguish a spin, a half-truth, a version of the spin or half-truth, and the simple truth.

Clinton is crooked, corrupt, conflicted, and contemptuous and due to poor judgment or poor health, Clinton will overcompensate at our risk. Not the traits of a good Commander-in-Chief.
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