Hillary Clinton Broke The World

She broke it and then she ran away.

Hilary Clinton was secretary of state from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013. She was a prime mover in the destabilization of the Middle East, including the governments of Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

Look at almost any graph or chart of the number of refugees, and people displaced in their own countries starting around 2012 and you will see he number of refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) skyrocketed exponentially... millions of people men, women, children, old, young, professionals and non-professionals, rich and poor alike.

Millions upon millions of people living in deplorable conditions caused largely in part by her foreign policy disasters.

These disasters not only affect the refugees and IDPs, but also impart financial stress on the countries that are taking in these people...Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Germany and the rest of Europe and some other countries.

Did she stay in office to try to correct or rectify the crisis she in part created?

No. She quit, she left as fast as she could like a child who breaks a vase, or a corporate official who sees a disaster on the horizon and gets out while the getting is good.

Did she stay or run to help as many of our first responders do in a crisis?

No. She went home or on vacation or a speaking tour and made quite a substantial amount of money.

Should she be president? No.
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