High Court Decision Delays Brexit

Yes I know that the referendum was non-binding. And that was an error, or cunning plan, by EU Dave. But I doubt any leaver entered the voting booth on 23rd June thinking "if we vote out Parliament can ignore this because it's advisory only".

And a vote in Parliament will see this happen because hard Brexit will be defeated there.

I voted out because I want UK law to have primacy over EU law and to control our borders. I'm not anti-immigrant, I'm married to one, but I want Britain to have the final say on our immigration policy.

Having the above is incompatible with single market membership. So the soft Brexit that Parliament would agree to will actually leave Britain worse off. "Out" of the EU decision making process but still governed by it.

That will be the next step. Parliament will only agree to soft Brexit and then they'll say "but if we leave the EU and remain in the single market we'll have no say in the rules and regulations so maybe it would be better if we stayed in."

And concerning representative parliamentary democracy. Yes voters delegate decision powers to parliamentary representatives. But this was a binary choice. In or Out and respect the decision and if regaining supremacy of UK law and our borders means leaving the single market then so be it.

Do Remainers realize that decisions like this make a UKIP or Tory Leave/UKIP government more likely if there is an election next year or in 2020?

UKIP can decimate Labour in the North of England and say to any southern Tory voter in a Tory constituency "check if your MP is a Remainer and if they are and you want out of the EU then only UKIP can achieve this."
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