Have Progressives Gone Totally Nuts?

I'm still struck by the reaction of the media -- hard Lefties, Bernie fans, Hillary voters, the perpetually aggrieved and the militant haters.

This is starting to feel like the shared hysteria from the Joe McCarthy days. We're talking about 62 million people going neurotic overnight, and I mean that in a clinical way.

For example, would Californians be so eager to secede from the United States if Trump resigned? Would black students be offended if separate areas were set aside exclusively for white students?

Would Trump's 120 day "travel ban" be a problem if Hillary had won the election and issued the very same Executive Order as her first order of business, like Obama, Bill Clinton, and others. Was it controversial then?

We've got the two biggest papers in the country, every glossy magazine, every cable pundit show, and every alphabet station in the country are trying to pull him down like a pride of lions on a wildebeest.

Our ex-president is deeply involved in fomenting demonstrations, riots, and disruption events all over the country through his Obama Foundation. George Soros is doing the same. There are more leaks and holes in the White House and Congress than Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky story.

Is it just me, or has this country gone nuts?



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