Happy Swedes Prepare For War With Russia


One has to wonder why Russia would go to the trouble of using military force against Sweden?

Norway and Denmark are bordering or are a stone's throw (or skip) across the Baltic water, and I'd like to know how such an invasion or attack to acquire a strategic Swedish island (why else?) would not inevitably drag Norway, Denmark and NATO (meaning the US) right into the mess.

Yes, the Baltic is important to Russia, but I don't see Scandinavia getting in the way of Russian naval power.

Although a Swedish descendant, I can't help syphon a little satisfaction over Sweden's recent worries about actually dealing with the prospect of war. Wasn't it Sweden who supported the communists during the Vietnam War?

They handed us nothing but grief over US policy, when in fact we were attempting to slow down communist expansion. But now? Well, Ole and Sven, sharpen your axes and get your hunting rifles sighted in - if the government will allow you to keep them so as not to pose a danger to certain immigrants - right?

Maybe the time has come for the Swedish Parliament to know what it's like to sweat it out and wonder how many "friends" it can count on? Or, perhaps the time has come to cozy up to Putin and keep their beloved "neutrality" - for a price, of course.

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