Government Now Enforcing Mental Illness

One of the forefronts of current American 'psychological warfare' is the non-stop full-volume effort to normalize all things gay and transgender.

We've reached the point with the latter where liberals and government are now in the business of 'enforcing mental illness' - to the point NYC announced this week they'll be sending cops after people who refuse to call Bruce - Caitlyn and the Federal government threatening to cut off school district funds to any schools not letting a 13 year old boy in a dress use the girl's bathroom.


Nobody gives a rat's-arse what adults do behind closed doors - but when it reaches the point in media and politics that polled school-kids believe over half the population is gay, and they *must* accept a transgender child as 'everyday normal' - that's not 'acceptance' - that's warfare against heterosexuals.

But - it's fun, and rather easy - to throw their own 'logical arguments' back in their faces. Example -

'Gay and transgender support groups to rally...'

Wow. Talk about your 'strange bedfellows'. Anyone else catch the hysterical hypocrisies of these two 'pathologies' supporting each other?

On one hand, we have the 'gay support' pathology - which will spend their entire lives arguing 'Gays are born that way, absolutely cannot change, and any 'therapy' aimed at them should be made illegal.

On the other, we have 'transgender pathology', which insists that regardless of what a person is 'born as', they can simply 'change their minds' and absolutely 'become the other gender'. Humorously - with transgenders - they can change their minds again and 'go back' - and often do.

It's a wonder National Guard troops aren't required to keep these two groups from scratching each others' eyes out, and it's pretty hysterical watching proponents of these 'lifestyles' trying to reconcile the obvious contradictions.



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