Government Is Losing The Consent Of The Governed


Half of the voting population considers any statement by the IRS, DOJ, DOL, EPA, even CDC, to be a low-credibility utterance delivered by Democratic Party activists.

This is relatively new in the United States, and it is a shame. But the agencies have only themselves to blame. 

When an alliance of Democratic Party Attorneys General begin a campaign to use the considerable powers of their offices to harass and intimidate scientists and think tanks who fail to tow the Democratic Party line on climate change, then voters begin to see climate change 'science' as just another partisan political issue, and at that point even poor NOAA gets dragged into the "basket of partisan liars." 

I doubt this can be fixed. Both Pew and Gallup tell us that only 19% of the people trust the government to do the right thing all or most of the time.

And every day brings us another news story about a government agency acting in either a partisan or outright crooked manner.

This is how governments lose the consent of the governed.

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