GOP Tax Reform Is Long Overdue

The only viable tax change would be the institution of the National Sales and Consumption Tax plan with absolutely NOT ONE exception from paying the taxes.

That means no poor person, no ethnic group, no illegal alien person, no refugee person, no Church or Religious group or Muslim group can skirt around paying taxes. They pay at the time of consumption or the time of service rendered for them when they pay their bills.

NO MORE progressive income tax, no more capital gains taxes, no more tax exemptions for Big Corporations by anyone anywhere. NO MORE of that...

Taxes are paid again right away and funneled right to the appropriate resources where they should go in Governmental agencies.

Also, this means that a portion of the taxes collected will also go to Social Security. So the amount or percentage of the tax has to be enough to include that at point of sale or service.

No more taking this out of our checks, although it may be fine to have it automatically deducted from the pay checks or paid by the individual separately if the collection system for all other sales or services would not be efficient in collection of social security.

This FREES all people from losing any home, land, or going to jail for not paying taxes and there will be NO MORE fraud by individuals, and also, there will be MORE money collected than ever before in history of this nation because EVERYONE will pay - no exemptions! None ever!!!!

That is fair and that works !! Do it!!!
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