GOP Support TPP Trade Deal

Both parties sold out the country again for the benefit of the top one-percent.

Pelosi put on a good show like she wanted to stop TPA and TPP but in the end it was just an act. The president said repeatedly that he wouldn't sign TPA without TAA.

Ultimately Pelosi and other House Democrats voted for TAA once Republican leadership altered how the package would be voted on after failing a few weeks ago.

Instead of putting the president in the situation to lie and sign TPA without TAA they voted to pass it.

  • This entire secretive process sucks.
  • Having to vote the TPP up or down without amendments sucks.
  • Not being able to filibuster the final agreement sucks.
  • Circumventing the constitution and not requiring a two-thirds majority in the Senate for treaties sucks.
  • Our entire government serving the interests of one-percent of the country sucks.

We need major changes or there will at some point be massive unrest that no militarized police state will be capable of stopping.



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