GOP Should Manage Illegals Wisely's been 11M since 2006. Pretty sure with 500,000+ coming over per year (that they know about), they can give us a new count. But I digress. It is unrealistic and impossible to "deport them all", and maybe not something that we should do anyway.

I agree with Trump's plan to deport any of them committing a crime (yes, they broke the law by crossing the border. I get that), and building a wall and turning ALL back towards the way they came. "But deh terk er jerbs!!!" That's fine too.

Now that Trump is in, he will cut corporate taxes to the point that new industry and manufacturing will be FLOODING into America, and I believe there will be plenty of jobs to go around.

If we can get the "good guys" to come forward, let us know who you are, have them take English and American history classes, and get them paying REAL taxes (and maybe some kind of admin "tax" or fine/fee), then they will not be 100% for the party who just wants them enslaved for the vote.

For the most part, those who want to work don't want to do slave labor, and certainly want to keep as much of their money as possible. Oh yeah. If they send money back home, it will be under a heavy fee to discourage them from even wanting to come here.

I dunno... just woke up and some of this is new stream-of-conscious typing of ideas. As Dennis Miller says, "That's just my opinion, I could be wrong".
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