Why Are GOP Rowdies Left Off The Field?


BLM is real. They are fully trained and funded radical change agents for upcoming election cycles.

Their organization was strategically positioned at the far Left, bordering on the fringe of violence, so they can drive Crat narrative leftward and setup the "reasonable Democratic leaders" to fix the problem (the planned change).

At the the other book end of the Democratic strategy is all slick Willie's and Barak Obama's...smooth, gentle, beautiful and "clean"...the very best liars on the team!

Conservative strategists lean into an idea that goodie-two-shoes are the only ones needed on the field.

Republicans regularly throw their own crass and crude under the bus, rather than strategically leveraging them.

This Republican failure to put the whole team on the field leaves a significant section, the rowdy section, of the field uncontested ...ensuring victory after victory to the Democratic party.

Tip: civility is not your only friend if your opponent prefers slinging feces at you as per Saul Alinksky's methods of change.



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Article: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/12/psychological_warfare_for_consevatives_comments.html

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