GOP Establishment Were Wrong About Reagan Too

Take your pick folks — Circular firing squad or the electric chair!!!

As Reagan or somebody observed, “If we as a country in the USA go under (AKA: failure of a peaceful, lawful society), there will be NO safe haven in the world to run to!” Does everyone understand that last statement?

NO matter what happens on Nov 8th, I look for a huge load of horse dung to be flung around. Like it or not, liberals & conservatives will have their sacred ox gored and 50% of the country will be PISSED off and stay that way!

The manure storm will splatter far and wide, sticking to almost everything too. I see NOTHING good on the horizon for the nation, only misery dipped in the liberal cesspool of crap!

Before the “Fall of Rome.” Remember the great times we used to have in America? Step outside and take a good long look around one last time before Nov 8th.

If Shrillary and her corruption riddled crowd gets in office, those times will be ​fast fading into the rear view mirror of history!! To be replaced with a government laced with fear, distrust, uneasiness, uncertainty, anarchy, and general chaos! All thanks to the “take no prisoners, win at all costs” democrat dictatorship! Where they line their pockets FIRST and the country comes in last!!

Make sure to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday morning, then on Tuesday, set the nation back on track, NOT back 50 years!!

You “Never Trumpers” can vote to ENDORSE THE CLINTON CULTURE OF CORRUPTION, or, you can vote to END IT!!

Vote for Trump!!
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