Google Censors "Offensive Or Upsetting" Entries In Search Engine Results


Do people really have a problem with ignoring what they don't like? My god!

Who decides what is offensive? A bunch of brainwashed snowflakes or real people because snowflakes are not real people.

They are adult babies poorly brought up by apologetic parents without real life skills spewing the poor liberal apologetic education that says everyone gets a trophy.

This is what I find offensive.

I find Militant feminism offensive.
I find killing Trump in a parody offensive.
I find threatening to pimp the President's wife offensive.

I find threatening to pimp anyone offensive and so do anti-human traffickers, except when the threat is towards a Republican President's wife. Then anti-prostitution and anti-human traffickers could care less about the threat.

I find that completely, morally offensive that any Democrat, especially female Democrats would not speak up about a rapper threatening to pimp the President's wife. The same Democrats that accept Muslim Sharia law and female genitalia mutilation.

So the militant feminism isn't about females, it is about hate. Hating everyone else, including women who disagree with them, and those that do not hoist those militant feminists up as awesome people. Morally offensive indeed. Democrats can't lose those blacks, snowflakes or militant feminists. So they stay quiet. Offensive.

I find people that speak out of both sides of their mouth and are politically biased morally to be extremely offensive.

There is a lot more that is offensive. Who can add some more?

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