Globalists In Both Parties Are Working To Destroy Donald Trump

Trump must get hold of the GOP Establishment, especially in the Congress, by the throat, if necessary.

We expect the likes of the Muslim Keith Ellison calling for Impeachment (doesn't he know the Democrats would need the House to Impeach?) or Robert Kramer "Dirty Tricks" with infiltrating CPAC with Russian (white, blue and red horizontal striped flag with "Trump" inserted) to coordinate with CNN "FAKE NEWS" to advance the FAKE Stolen Election Story.

But the GOPe is just as much "Slime and Slimers" as the Democrat Socialists.

If one understands the old axiom of Democrats being the Party of Unions and the GOPe being the Party of Big Business, it is clear that both Parties wish to reverse the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution returning to olden times of tyranny.

The Democrats are the Party of Guild Socialism and Slavery. They create Public Employment PRIVILEGE for themselves with tenure and other protections against being fired, fat pensions and benefits for life while they PROTECT these jobs and privileges for them. They wish to recreate the Caste system of Monarchy, Aristocracy and Guild Socialism.

They import serfs and freemen to serve as their lowest Feudal Caste as they enrich themselves redistributing the nations wealth and guaranteeing re-election for their form of Pay-for-Play. Union representation gets them spoils and Union Dues are redirected back to the Unions and Politicians to ensure they protect their form of money laundering.

The GOPe has its own form of Socialism that is like the old Mercantilism and Imperialism. Juan McLame, Lindsay "Lohan" Gramnesty, Billy Kristol and other Neocons want war with Russia while the GOPe conducts 16th to 18th century Mercantilism. Government Monopolies are propped up with Subsidies from the Export Import Bank, as well as very low Tariffs that give Fortune 500 companies an advantage while American Middle Class Workers pick up the Bill for the some $200B lost on not mirroring the 10% range Tariff of other First World Nations.

McCorporatist and "Lyin" Ryan reject "We the People" demanding REPEAL of ObamaCare as it is now increased Tax Revenues from $1.5T ranges a few years ago to about $2.5T.

The Border Adjustment Tax is proposed at 20% so that the benefit to SMB dropping from 35% Corporate Tax to 20% (notice no more talk of 15% Corporate Rate?) is more than negated by a 20% proposed Border Tax (Tariff) that would surely result in retaliatory 20% Tariffs from other nations.

But they return to their Donors and Special Interests because, like the Democrats Union Money Laundering scheme, the GOPe does the same with the Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable.

While the Democrat Socialists may break a few windows and shout down people at Town Halls, they have almost zero POWER. The MSM is now in shambles as many now realize that they are FAKE NEWS.

But the GOPe fascism-Corporatism continues full steam ahead to undermine Donald J. Trump, and it is about time we had an honest analysis and dialogue about what McLame, Lindsay "Lohan" Gramnesty, Lisa Murky-Kowski, Mitch McCorporratist and "Lyin" Ryan are doing to return us to pre-American Revolution tyranny. King George III was a piker compared to the GOPe.



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