Globalists Fear Donald Trump

This is far bigger than Obama's legacy. The globalist agenda is at stake - the UK referendum on leaving the EU produced a Brexit result which puts at risk the EU project and potentially undermines the globalists. Whether Trump becomes president in the US or not is key.

If Hillary had won, then she would have done everything in her considerable power to isolate the UK as a warning to other EU countries not to leave the EU.

Trump will be a friend to an independent UK and in doing so will help ensure the UKs success outside of the EU which will in turn encourage other EU nations to take the plunge and leave the EU which will fall (it is failing anyway but can be saved by the globalists speeding up one world government initiatives).

The US is hugely important to implementing the globalist agenda and a Trump presidency will potentially set it back years. And if other western nations reclaim their sovereignty and nationhood, that could put an end to the globalist agenda.

So the globalists cannot afford a Trump presidency. No one cares about Obama's legacy except that much of his legacy was based on the advancement of globalism.
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