Globalists Are Using Islam To Acquire Absolute Power

It's a war on the fabric of society with today's Fabricators trying to tear apart the rich historical tapestry of America and replace it with head-towels, prayer rugs, beheadings and Arab-like dictators.

It was inevitable.....

How many years could western elites sit idly by and watch their Islamic counterparts have ALL OF THE FUN --- murdering, raping and enslaving whomever they wished. --- A democrap utopia....

Hence, they've all turned Islam. King Charles and his sons are all Muslims, and many of our elites are closet Muslims if they're still even bothering to keep their Islaminsanity under their prayer rugs, er, yoga mats. (Yoga mats having become the latest enlightenment accessory for white women, American females are only one fashion costume away from Muslimhood -- a burka.)

Islam rules over all of the elite schools from the Ivy Leagues to Oxford.

The ELITES want and are maniacally determined to achieve ABSOLUTE POWER over the lives and (especially) deaths of anyone who dares to disagree with or defy them.

It really is that simple.

They believe they are on the threshold of becoming t-gods (as well as T-GIRLS) who can buy and/or build the technology to live virtually forever (as gender-shifting men and women), even if it means harvesting the bodies of their slaves, one after the other, in perpetuity.

First they need to finish laying the final bricks of totalitarianism.---Islamization.

The eternal table of the elites is made from the bones of the commoners and set with blood-filled chalices and the meats of human sacrifices to the gods they worship within themselves. Only blood thirsty murderers eat from this slaughter table.
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