Globalist Do-Gooders Want War With Russia

Ironically, socialist "Do-Gooders" are willing to destroy the world in order to save it! Climate change, ending global poverty, and open trade/borders are just a few of the seemingly noble initiatives that are embraced by many of the unaware "do-gooders".

The globalists recruit the "unaware" who seek to save the planet and preach the need to force ALL nations to fall in line with their "know-it-all" One-World super-state vision. Mass migration, a favorite of socialists, is used like an accelerant for rapidly reaching their goals.

The identity crisis multiculturalism brings, nicely quells the nationalistic tendencies and allows the bigger globalist play to go largely unnoticed.

Outliers like Russia, a nationalist country lead by Putin, is in direct opposition to their PLAN, thereby making his nation a pariah and enemy #1. After-all, they can't 'save' the world, if all nations aren't working in lock-step together.

It is well known that Soros worked very hard through globalist groups, under the guise of NGO's, to covertly undermine Putin in order to expand the globalist empire. That was until Putin saw what was going on and expelled his treacherous groups.

Not taking no for an answer, the globalist empire of captured states like the EU and Obama's America, disrupted and toppled Russia's democratically elected smaller neighbor, Ukraine. All in an effort to encircle, isolate and threaten a "disobedient" Russia....A very dangerous game being played for the sake of Climate Change.

Brexit and Trump were the latest nationalist moves that infuriated the "do-gooders" plans to save the world. These recent losses for "do-gooders" has taught them that democracy and free-speech are their new enemy and must be curtailed and stifled as much as possible.

That brings us to today's headlines, which are meant to influence the public psyche, of continued Russian vilification as it relates to hacking, Fake News and the talk of censorship and overturning democracy via the Electors...."Do-gooders" are clearly very dangerous!
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