Globalist Bureaucrats Think Deplorables Are The Problem

Yes, such a threat when people exercise power over their own cultural, national, political, social, religious, and legal lives, isn't it? Internationalist elites are offended! We "little people" are interfering with their oh-so-benevolent plans for us!

Well, up theirs. We can make and enforce our own laws within our own boundaries, thank you very much.

We don't need a bunch of U.N. or other internationalist bureaucrats snatching our citizens for trial in foreign countries because they commit some thought crime or something else a rich guy in Scandinavia or Brussels or Rome or Beijing doesn't like.

In the United States, we got rid of that kind of control when the colonies of Great Britain became the United States of America.

And despite Barack Obama's efforts to sabotage what's left of our Constitution and transfer the rest of our legal, social, and political sovereignty over to our globalist "betters", that's not the American way.

Unless we continue to allow the ilk of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to drive us to national and constitutional suicide. Which, with their sneers at us American deplorables, they'd have no compunctions about doing.

Nations need to relate as nations. The international power structure envisioned by Obama-Clinton involves the helpless individual relating to the all-powerful international government. The individual always loses.

Slavery, anyone?
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