Globalism Versus Democracy

It is likely that instant communication and expanded trade and travel will eventually lead to a harmonization of values and blending of culture and population.

Technically, there is nothing wrong with this evolution and we could sit and debate it over a glass of beer to our hearts' content. What strikes me about the progressive globalist elite is their lack of patience with humanity.

Their essentially totalitarian inclinations are manifest in their effort to realize utopia now and having no qualms with using force to that end.

My progressive friends think that they are superior to the communist goons from behind the Iron Curtain, or the Nazis, because they do not contemplate, at least yet, the imprisonment and killing of their political opponents. They laugh and say: "our very friendship is the proof that we are not totalitarians - we would never resort to such tactics."

What they fail to notice, however, is that they approve of character assassination, of exclusion from academia, from government positions and so forth, and fail to examine the nature of their profound disdain for political opponents.

They do not shy from expressing the view that half of Britain's adult population is made of dumb people who have no idea what is "good for them".

I found myself explaining to them again and again that Communist and Nazi enforcers also justified their actions exactly in the same way: we know better what is good for you and it's only so sad that for your own good and the bright future of your kids, we have to beat you, kick you, torture you now!

I am proud of the British citizenry. The conflict is now between a rich globalist elite and democracy - in their view an outdated political system that gives equal voice to people who, in their view, do not know or appreciate what is really good for them.

Democracy scored in this battle, but the conflict is far from over. I am for democracy and absolutely abhor the intellectual elitism of a narcissistic and self-entitled political class intent on seizing power, for what they perceive to be the "general interest", while conveniently being tightly embedded into the government cornucopia.

Democracy is messy, but I've experienced the alternative and it is not a happy Zootopia
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