Globalism Is Eating Your Lunch

People forget, China was not allowed to trade with us until Bush #1 opened the floodgate! Reagan’s policies were based on our own Nationalism 100%, rebuilding military strength that had been erased by Communist Jimmy Carter (which also gave the Soviets a vacuum to move into before Reagan shut them down!) 

As soon as Free Trade with China started, our manufacturing economy went bankrupt, we became 100% service industry; which India took over so much of soon after! Then Clinton’s NAFTA, free trade with Mexico put the nails in the coffin! 

The leftist parasites have had a feeding-frenzy of the leftover scraps since then, not realizing the golden goose had been cooked long ago! We became the largest borrower nation then, charging up credit cards, refinancing and over inflating real estate values.. 

My point is, Globalism was eating our lunch from day one, at least since Carter! Reagan was a short pause, Our Government, left and right, sold USA out from the start, their families got RICH, the middle class is GONE, and what remains are a lot of confused angry tattooed “want-to-be pirate” bikers (that seem to forget Halloween is only one-day per year!) either flipping burgers for a living, or selling drugs! 

Today’s “progressives” are clustered in cities working as government employees, or government contractors, consider themselves “educated” that they think inflicting this on us was a brilliant act! 

Not one has ever studied history, science, or even knows where they are on a map! They are Obsessed with Social-Justice and punishing “ourselves” for all of histories perceived sins! 

Those of us in small-mid business had to expand overseas just to survive 1/10th of the lifestyle we had in the late 1980’s! 

The ruling elites got away with smoke and screens and a mostly idiotic population that voted based of TV ads during their soap operas! I’m only glad to see enough people are waking up to see what is going on! 

Best of Luck to the new Free-Britain, now can make their own destiny again! It was all but lost! London has not had a single person of British descent living there in years! 

That is why the polls got it all wrong! The real Brits live outside of the cities! Same in USA!! 

Trump, you’re next! Let’s roll back the communist/fascist plot. We need a Reagan spirit. Trump is it!



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