Globalism In A Nutshell

The purpose of globalism is to help the impoverished people of the world reach a higher standard of living, i.e. lower the standard of living in affluent countries to bring everyone to the same playing field.

To share cultural ideas, i.e. spread collectivist mentalist, the third world, and promote European Ikea style living in quaint small apartments over owning land and being self-sufficient.

Persuade countries to compromise on issues while not making them able to stand against the will of the collective.

Not allowing a single country to have the power to be independent in the world and stand against the will of the collective...or should I say banks.

To ensure prosperity across the globe or, in other words, make sure that there is no middle class and the elites make maximum profits and don't have to worry themselves with peasant revolts.

That is Globalism in a nutshell.
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