Globalism Guarantees Shared Misery

They are acting like the politicians are breeding negative sentiment rather than reflecting the will of the people. That is their mistake.

As a citizen of an independent nation, I don't feel it's my responsibility, nor my country's, to lift people around the world out of poverty at my own expense.

The G20 interference is the real problem. Those third world nations full of people living in poverty are also full of corruption, heavy handed control over every aspect of life to the point of stifling progress and economic development. That's not a world problem.

Let those countries figure out how to fix their own problems. Let them give their citizens the freedom and opportunity to progress. But they won't.

They retain all of the money and power to the elite and they don't care about lifting up their own peasant class. The people in those countries should revolt. Take over and support freedoms that will enable progress to arrive organically.

You can't duplicate Western standards of living if you're still promoting the same culture and ideas of 2000 years ago.

All of these globalist groups are tying everything together and redistributing our wealth around the world, and the result will be shared misery, not prosperity.

If it really isn't a zero-sum game, as they keep telling us, then those countries should be able to build wealth and prosperity WITHOUT seizing it from the wealthy nations. The only threat of the current political climate is to the gathering of power these unelected world organizations made up of elitist pigs have been amassing for themselves.

A wounded stock market can't hurt people who aren't wealthy enough to buy stocks. And nations exercising their sovereign power are a threat only to the planned world dominance of the privileged few.
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