Globalism Fails Because It's Against Human Nature

What pray-tell, is "liberal democracy"??! Evidently it's the utopian state of happiness & good feelings this author touts as the perfect globalist environment for every country on the face of the earth.

What these navel-gazing, egg-heads cannot comprehend is that their precious GLOBALISM has been around since the very beginning of time . . . there's never been a era in recorded history when despots, barbarians & megalomaniacs HAVEN'T proceeded to slash 'n burn & murder & enslave the populace, all in the pursuit of TOTALITARIANISM & unlimited POWER.

The 20th-Century is no exception, producing some of the most monstrous, mass-murdering madmen ever to trod the earth: Stalin, Hitler & sidekicks, Mussolini & Tojo, and of course, Chairman Mao . . . to name the just the top contenders for the top job of ever-lasting global power; the 1,000-year reign of the German Third Reich, ring a bell?!

These globalists wanted nothing more than to rule of world ON THEIR TERMS, which meant of course, exterminating the riff-raff and rabble-rousers & mental & physical undesirables, and then indoctrinating the rest into the perfect state-of-mind, conducive to 'correct thinking', what we today, call PC-ness.

The European Union---institute some decades ago---has been the ECONOMIC version of total, centralized control; a concept which they foolishly believed, would actually force warring European nations to get along. Well, we're seeing today that it's falling to pieces. Anyone who has even a bit of common sense and/or an inkling of knowledge about how SOCIETIES came about in this 'ol world, could tell you that NO ONE wants their clan, their tribe, their country to be obliterated and melded into a glob of globalism. It's just not human nature!!

So, as the liberals blather-on about the virtues of GLOBALISM, we sane people must finally stand up and tell 'em where to go . . . Communist China, would probably be the best their best bet.
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