Globalism Doesn't Export Opportunity It Imports Burdens

Globalization was all well and good when it was about expanding economic opportunities, setting up factories and businesses with desperately needed jobs in places that had no other economic options to join the global marketplace.


The downside was yes, this cost some jobs at home, but this was somewhat mollified by understanding that the dollars per day those companies were paying the new workers was economically transforming in those areas.  

Plus, having access to cheaper manufacturing actually created greater opportunities for business growth here.

However, globalization has now morphed, to where it is no longer about expanding opportunities to residents of other countries. 

It's about destroying the sovereignty of nations, forcing prosperous countries to take on the burdens of other countries--not by providing jobs to foreigners in their home countries, but by importing foreigners to support on the systems of the prosperous countries.

Instead of exporting opportunity, the globalists are demanding a surrender of independence, and importing burdens. After all, the more dependents you have, the more power the political and economic elite lay claim to--and the more authority they have to grab even greater power.



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