Globalism 101

Opposition to "Globalism" as used in these sorts of debates is not about opposition to free trade, as the Brexiteers you referenced have repeatedly shown. Globalism is the idea that supranational considerations and organization are superior to local/national ones.

This often entails the loss of local/national sovereignty to organizations like the EU, NATO, WTO, UN, TPP, etc. which in their own ways limit the ability of local/national governments to legislate/act as they wish and, most importantly, reduce the ability of citizens to hold their governments to account.

This also often entails the loss of local/national economic independence, as essential functions of a robust economy are increasingly outsourced to foreign/multinational actors. These functions are typically at the heart of real wealth creation, such as jobs producing tangible goods and the ownership of productive real estate/corporations.

This also often entails the loss of local/national identity/culture, as foreign identities/cultures are imported and subsidized at such a rate that the local/national identity/culture is in many ways supplanted.

To your question: Globalism is a favoring of the global view at the expense of the local one.

I think it fair to say the majority of those opposed to globalism would be ok with many policies instituted at a supranational level continuing, so long as they are done at a local level where the individuals have the power to change them if they see fit.



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