Fudging Deportation Numbers Will Come Back To Bite The Left


You're going to live to regret that braggadocio. Yes, Obama has been bragging about 2 Million deportations a year, failing to mention the one key fact that he changed 'deportation' to include those turned away at the border without entering. It's kind of like the grade inflation he took advantage of while he was @ Harvard.

The problem for you and the Progs is now the very publicized benchmark is 2 million deportations a year. When Trump deports 2 million a year "exclusive" of those turned away at the border, you'll have nobody to squawk to except those in your little echo chamber.

Thanks for doing this. After 4 years and 8 million real deportations, we should be pretty close to where we need to be illegal immigration wise, and you'll finally be able to find a job...and your arguments will fall on deaf ears

This comment was left by Eric G Raymond at Wall Street Journal - Read more of Eric's comments at http://www.wsj.com/user/personalization/profile/E1_7WqEtkekt4q4b%2BLzGTlQL3yVLj6bP9UQ5%2FhHpPwnpLsIlEIkfg7fEBEga0oJL52D_E1
Read the article http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-administration-ending-policy-allowing-cubans-to-stay-without-visas-1484258418

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