Freedom Is Fighting A Two-Front War

We are fighting two different wars today. One is against ISIS and the other is against intrusive, over powering government that is rapidly becoming a tyranny. While we know a lot about the former, we seem to miss out on the latter. Fortunately for all, the Brexit vote brought clarity to this battle.

The British fought against having faceless, unelected bureaucrats from having control of 60-70% of their lives and governing. They demanded to be released from a system where they have no vote, little representation, and are required to follow obtuse rules laid down by those who are not British.

Over 70% of the people voted and the decision to leave the EU was passed by a wide margin. (By a larger margin than by which Obama won and claimed a mandate.)

So how does the media respond? We hear rampant proclamations about how this vote was xenophobic, racist, or bigoted. We hear about how selfish the vote was and how the people made such an ignorant choice.

These are all horrible condemnations when you consider it was the opinion of the majority of an entire nation that is our strongest ally.

But those who are demanding more control of government over everyday people, less accountability of government for their excesses and flaws, and who demand more power over us, for we are simply too stupid to be able to competently run our own lives, cannot tolerate a vote for freedom so they must demonize it.

Who ever thought the day would come when people demanding their freedom back would be routinely labeled as being racist, xenophobic, or bigoted?

It is bad enough that we must fight against the terrorism of ISIS, but now we find ourselves in another war against those who want to be our masters - and incompetent ones at that.
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